If there’s one thing you will take away from this episode then that solo travelling empowers you! Our generation becomes more and more curious about exploring the world but many are hesitant to go if they would have to go alone. Trust me, I’ve been there too!

I met Francesca, Olivia and Lea in a cafe in Ubud, Bali and when I found out that they are all travelling alone, I knew that I wanted to record a podcast with them.
You will hear about how two of the girls escaped the Gili islands after the recent earthquake in Lombok and many travel stories from all around the world as well as the lessons that travelling taught us.

Find us on Instagram to see where we currently are on the globe:
@chescax_ (Francesca), @livcampbel (Olivia), @schluffie (Lea) and @phyllosophia (me).

All the sunshine to you!