Sweat is dripping down my back as I struggle to push and pull my two suitcases and my backpack though the fifth coach of the train to Frankfurt. “I’m sorry” I say with an apologetic smile as I bump into the third handbag of a stranger. In the sixth coach, I finally find space for my gigantic suitcase and lift the 30kg monster onto the rack. Relieved that it doesn’t burst because it’s jam-packed. I flop onto an empty seat and can’t but chuckle which causes the man sitting opposite me to give me a confused look. “Guten Abend” (GER: good evening), I say, as I wiggle my arms out of my huge puffy winter coat.

This is so typically me!

A new chapter in my life, another move from one city to the next, another day of me carrying my own weight in luggage through the world’s history. And of course, everything is always tightly timed, so I can make the most of every day without losing any time with my loved ones. But every time also at the cost of a constant adrenaline rush the day before something new starts. Either way, it’s too late now to regret making things a little more complicated than necessary. Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow, I’ll start my internship at a big, international company. Tomorrow, I’ll be starting a new chapter not only career-wise, but also in terms of education since my last semester of ICM includes me writing my bachelor thesis and graduating this summer. Finally!

I feel like a little kid in the night before my first day of school.

Anxiously but also excitedly awaiting the new. New challenges, and with that, new opportunities to grow and learn which is my favourite part about life.

Me on the Main Tower

Life is good. Actually, it’s better than good! Life, right now, is rather excellent! Especially after a crazy 2018. The last year has taught me countless lessons about other people, different cultures and, most importantly, myself. It started with my adventurous semester abroad in Japan. Continued with my return to the Netherlands where I struggled so much to readapt to life in The Hague. The relief when I got used to the loud and colourful life of my beloved Dutchies again. And, finally, the frustration of getting knocked right back down by reality because countless assignments, failing internship applications and personal issues required so much attention, time and energy.

But all the hard work I’ve been putting into building the life I want is now paying off. I’ve sorted out the important areas of my life and feel more like myself than I have in the past three years. And let me tell you: this is the best feeling you could possibly have! No monster suitcases or little scared voices speaking about all the things that might go wrong at my internship can hold me back from walking down the path I chose. Nothing can hold me back because even if I make mistakes (which I will at least a million times), I know that I’m still going in the right direction. So I’m starting over-again. But I couldn’t feel any better about it!

Rooftop in Frankfurt

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I invite you to share your thoughts with me regarding new beginnings as I’m curious to hear about what it means for you to start over. Is it easy for you or do you sometimes also struggle? Do you look forward to it or do you dread it? I’m excited to hear about your experiences!

Lots of love and sunshine! Xxxx