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Living the Cherry Blossom Dream

A dream of cherry blossoms at the castle in Himeji

I had my first magical moment in Japan when I sat on the skyliner-train, on my way into the heart of Tokyo and watched houses and fields fly by. The landscape still had a grey tint to it because winter had just left the country. So when I saw the first tree in its beautiful white dress, my heart literally skipped a beat!

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Secrets I’ve never told and what this has to do with this blog

Hi! My name is Phyllosophia, I’m a 20 year old girl from Germany and my favourite food is culture mixed with heaps of sunshine. Now, that I’ve blown my first secret and we’re pretty much best friends, I would like to let you in on the secret of what this blog will be about and all the exciting stories you will be able to read on here.

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#00 What the heck is a Generation Z Pioneer? (Pilot Episode)

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