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Starting over-again

Sweat is dripping down my back as I struggle to push and pull my two suitcases and my backpack though the fifth coach of the train to Frankfurt. “I’m sorry” I say with an apologetic smile as I bump into the third handbag of a stranger.

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I’m immune to culture shocks-so I thought

Call me smarty pants but when I moved to Japan exactly 6 months ago, I knew that I was going be overwhelmed, challenged, confused and wowed on the daily basis. I soon found out that I was going to struggle with finding my way through the day to day life because I couldn’t remember peoples’ names, figure out how to buy the right train ticket for the first time or was holding a bottle in my hand not knowing whether I was about to buy shampoo or conditioner.

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How Little Environmental Issues Seem to Matter in Japan

The other week, I had an eye-opening class at university. In “Environment and Society” I watched parts of the movie “A Plastic Ocean” and it wasn’t necessarily the movie that was such an eye-opening experience but rather the reactions of the students around me. But let me tell you the story from the beginning…

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Inspirational quotes for the wanderluster

I’ve never been the biggest fan of cheesy quotes. But whenever I come across one that does trigger something inside me, I always make sure to write it down. So I have countless screenshoted or saved somewhere lost in the 128GB storage space of my phone.

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What Bali taught me…

I’m sitting in The Loft, a cafe in Canggu, my favourite city in Bali so far. In the middle of a cloud of the smell of coffee and the fumes of motorcycles that cruise down the main street towards the beach. Then there’s the sound of people chatting, infused with a coffeehouse playlist which I already know from yesterday.

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How to survive long low-budget flights and sleeping at the airport

I don’t know about you but about 95% of my past flights were “the cheapest option I could find”.  “The most convenient” regarding service or layover times are usually in the lower category of my priority list. My rule is: if I can get to my destination whilst saving a couple of hundred euros, I happily chose the smaller seats and the lack of service on and off the plane. When I then get on that low-cost plane, however, I often regret my choice.

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How I learned to speak and write in English like a native

“Wait… what? You are German? No way!” I love seeing the surprised faces of people when I tell them that I am whether British, despite my slight British accent, nor from any other English speaking country. Until today, it fills me with joy and excitement that I am able to speak English almost as well as German.

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Living the Cherry Blossom Dream

A dream of cherry blossoms at the castle in Himeji

I had my first magical moment in Japan when I sat on the skyliner-train, on my way into the heart of Tokyo and watched houses and fields fly by. The landscape still had a grey tint to it because winter had just left the country. So when I saw the first tree in its beautiful white dress, my heart literally skipped a beat!

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Secrets I’ve never told and what this has to do with this blog

Hi! My name is Phyllosophia, I’m a 20 year old girl from Germany and my favourite food is culture mixed with heaps of sunshine. Now, that I’ve blown my first secret and we’re pretty much best friends, I would like to let you in on the secret of what this blog will be about and all the exciting stories you will be able to read on here.

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