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#03 Go Solo! | from Bali with the solo travellers Francesca, Lea and Olivia

If there’s one thing you will take away from this episode then that solo travelling empowers you! Our generation becomes more and more curious about exploring the world but many are hesitant to go if they would have to go alone. Trust me, I’ve been there too!

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How to survive long low-budget flights and sleeping at the airport

I don’t know about you but about 95% of my past flights were “the cheapest option I could find”.  “The most convenient” regarding service or layover times are usually in the lower category of my priority list. My rule is: if I can get to my destination whilst saving a couple of hundred euros, I happily chose the smaller seats and the lack of service on and off the plane. When I then get on that low-cost plane, however, I often regret my choice.

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